Research and Projects

Learn about research and projects of the Department of Child and Family Development.

Child Study Center - SDSU Children's Center

A rich training experience for Child Development Majors and Liberal Studies Students with a Child Development Specialization.

In a collaborative effort with the Associated Students at SDSU, the Department of Child and Family Development provides "hands-on" training to its students. Many of the Child and Family Development courses use the SDSU Children Center for classroom laboratory experiences:

  • In CFD 270 (Principles of Child Development), students have directed observations of children.
  • In CFD 270L (Principles of Child Development Laboratory), they not only use directed observations but also learn multiple methods of recording individual and group behavior.
  • In CFD 375/376L (Child Development Programs and the accompanying Laboratory Experiences in the Child Study Center), you will have directed experiences with children up to age 5 in a main streamed setting, study and participate in the designing and implementing of developmentally appropriate activities, learn communication techniques, basic skills and strategies for working with young children.

(Note: The Children's Center provides child care for current CFD students. Learn more.)

PACS (Parents And Caregivers in Services) Lab

The mission of the PACS (Parents And Caregivers in Services) Lab is to improve services for diverse children, adolescents, and families served in community settings. Our lab focuses on promoting family participation and collaboration with child service providers and organizations.

The PACS Lab:

  • Emphasizes both scientific excellence and educating students to become effective community providers
  • Adopts a stance of inquiry when approaching the study of problems and potential solutions
  • Takes a learning community approach to fostering both scientific and professional learning
  • Strives for teamwork, project synergy, and productivity
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Professional Organizations & Conferences

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