Web & CMS Help

On this page learn about getting help with College of Education websites using the Toolbox and OU Campus systems, how to get access and training, and who to contact for web content updates to your website.

Web Content Management System (CMS) Migration

The College of Education is currently transitioning from the Toolbox CMS to the OU Campus CMS. The College of Education Web Designer, Manny Uribe, will be in contact with each academic department to migrate sites over to the new system. OU Campus is sponsored by the SDSU Division of Business and Financial Affairs (BFA).

OU Campus

OU Campus is a Web Content Management System that allows users to create and maintain web pages without having to know HTML. Some of the features include multi-browser support, in-context what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) editor, direct edit (a link on the web page which takes authorized users directly to the interface to edit that specific page after login), version control, scheduled publishing, workflow, and integration with Facebook, Google Analytics, Twitter, and YouTube. For a comprehensive list of features, visit OmniUpdate. OU Campus is implemented using a selection of templates which were conceived of and developed by Red Rooster Design, with input from a broad array of campus stakeholders. 

Access & Training

Training is no longer available for Toolbox since this system will be shutdown mid-December 2018 and all efforts are focused on migrating current sites to OU Campus. OU Campus training is provided by BFA, but please contact Manny Uribe first to get access to OU Campus, setup your website template, and to discuss options.

OU Campus On-site, Hands-on Training for Beginners

BFA provides OU Campus training classes. Trainings provide instructions on how to create and edit pages and sections; what Snippets, Assets, and Toolbar options are available; how to test websites for spelling errors, broken links, and accessibility errors; and more. Training sessions are scheduled by request.

To schedule a training, contact [email protected].

Web Content Updates

For content updates to COE department, program and project web sites, please consult the directory below and contact your web content manager.

Sponsoring Department or Office Program Web Content Manager Name
ARPE Department Main Site Young Jang
ARPE Community College Leadership (CCLEAD) Wendy Bracken
CFD Department Main Site Lisa Linder
CSP  Department Main Site Manny Uribe
CSP Community Based Block (CBB) CBB Graduate Assistant
[email protected]
CSP Marriage & Family Therapy (MFT) MFT Graduate Assistant
[email protected]
CSP School Counseling School Counseling Graduate Assistant
[email protected]
CSP School Psychology School Psychology Graduate Assistant
[email protected]
CSP Minor in Counseling & Social Change Program Assistant
[email protected]
CSP Center for Excellence in School Counseling and Leadership (CESCaL) Trish Hatch
CSP Trauma-informed Care Certificate & M.A. in Counseling Maggie Slaska
DO College of Education Main Site Manny Uribe
DO Faculty/Staff Resources and Directory Maribel Flores
DO Qualtrics Accounts and Support Website Elsa Tapia
DLE Department Main Site Front Desk Assistant
[email protected]
EDL Department Main Site Rachael Stewart
EDL National Center for the Twenty-first Century Schoolhouse Cynthia Uline
EDL National Center for Urban School Transformation (NCUST) Mark Wilson
JDP Joint Ph.D. Program in Education TBD
OSS Office Main Site Lisa McCully
SPED Department Main Site Manny Uribe
STE Department Main Site Manny Uribe
STE Center for Research in Mathematics and Science Education (CRMSE) Mike McKean
STE Center for Visual Literacies Marva Cappello
STE Pre-College Institute Valeria Sanchez

Department and Office Abbreviations

Abbreviation Department or Office Name
ARPE Department of Administration, Rehabilitation & Postsecondary Education
CFD Department of Child & Family Development
CSP Department of Counseling & School Psychology
DLE Department of Dual Language & English Learner Education
DO Dean's Office
EDL Department of Educational Leadership
JDP Joint Ph.D. Program in Education
OSS Office of Student Services
SPED Department of Special Education
STE School of Teacher Education