International Affairs

Aligned with SDSU's strategic internationalization mission and vision, the College of Education promotes and supports the purposeful engagement of students and faculty through:

  • Global Cultural Experiences (Study Abroad and Student Exchange Programs)
  • Visiting Scholars Program (International Visiting Faculty and Graduate Students)
  • Other International Partnerships and Collaborative Programs

Becoming “a global leader in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in research, teaching and in community engagement.”

We Rise, We Defy: Transcending Borders, Transforming Lives.

(SDSU Strategic Plan, 2020-2025).

International Affairs Initiatives

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For further information on these initiatives, please contact Dr. Cristian Aquino-Sterling, Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Diversity and International Affairs for the San Diego State University College of Education.

For questions and/or comments about the website, please contact Mrs. Cecy Beltrán, Administrative Support Coordinator for the San Diego State University College of Education.

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