Preparing Candidates in the Community, for the Community

Learn how COE programs prepare educators, counselors, therapists, psychologists, and leaders through intensive field-based experiences that emphasize authentic opportunities to learn and contribute. 

All SDSU College of Education programs include field-based components that provide practical opportunities for our candidates to translate theory into action while improving the lives of the individuals and communities they serve.

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Helping young children with behavioral challenges

The Early Childhood Socio-Emotional and Behavior Regulation Intervention Specialist (EC-SEBRIS) Program is an interdisciplinary, graduate-level certificate program that prepares early childhood professionals to work with young children with socio-emotional and behavioral concerns. The program prepares professionals to help children and their parents address behavioral issues early, in ways that increase children’s opportunities to succeed in school and other social settings. 

Preparing leaders through the Community-Based Block Program

CBB: Lean into your discomfortFor over 40 years, the Community-Based Block (CBB) Program has prepared counselors to work with individuals and communities. Hundreds of San Diego’s distinguished professionals developed the core of their relational skills in the CBB Program. In Fall 2014, the one-year CBB Program became CBB2, a 2-year program that prepares students to become Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC). The 2-year block program meets all of the requirements for the 60-unit Master of Counseling with a concentration in Multicultural Community Counseling, and fulfills the California Board of Behavioral Sciences’ requirements for Professional Clinical Counselor Licensure. 

Promoting science teaching and learning

For 2 consecutive years, SDSU School of Teacher Education faculty professors Lisa Lamb and Donna Ross have organized and led Aztec Science Camp, an initiative that provided engaging, hands-on learning activities for children, while also providing SDSU science and engineering majors an opportunity to experience teaching. 

Learning from and with local partners

Each year, College of Education faculty and staff organize and participate in a series of visits to schools, centers, and other sites that employ our graduates. Through these visits, we stay abreast of the needs, accomplishments, and challenges of our partner institutions and consider how we might improve our preparation programs. In addition to these site visits, COE departments and programs engage in in-depth partnerships with several local school districts, charter schools, community colleges, early childhood providers, and agencies. 

Helping prevent youth violence

In collaboration with the SDSU Psychology Department, Dr. Audrey Hokoda and others in the Department of Child and Family Development have established the Youth Violence Prevention Research Laboratory. The lab engages undergraduate students in research studies focused on understanding risk and protective factors associated with youth violence and gives students an opportunity to provide evidence-based workshops on bullying and dating violence to thousands of children, youth, and parents. 

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