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Mental Health Recovery & Trauma-Informed Care Certificate Program, Program Application

Learn how to apply to the Mental Health Recovery & Trauma-Informed Care Certificate Program.

Important Dates for Fall 2019

Item Due Date
1. Cal State Apply application
(opens October 1)
March 1, 2019
2. Program application April 15, 2019
3. Transcripts due  April 1, 2019


How to Get Assistance

If you have questions about the application process or program itself, email [email protected] or visit the Counseling home page.

If you are interested in the Master's program, visit Online M.A. Education with a Concentration in Counseling.


The university application link is www.calstate.edu/apply

Steps to Apply

Follow the steps below to apply to the Mental Health Recovery & Trauma-Informed Care Certificate Program:

  • You must first apply to the California State University via Cal State Apply.
  • Next, request official transcripts.
  • Then, apply to the SDSU College of Education program which offers the certificate you seek.

1. Cal State Apply

For assistance, see Tips on Completing the Cal State Apply University Application.

Go to Cal State Apply (CSU application)

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2. Request official transcripts

Request that your official transcripts be sent to SDSU, following instructions on our Submit Test Scores and Transcripts page.

3. Program application

Gather required items

Gather the items below and have them ready to upload to the program application:

Note: the GRE is NOT required if you are applying to the Certificate only. 

  • Personal Statement: Write a 2- to 3-page personal statement based on the following prompts:
    • What interests you about the SDSU program compared to other training programs?
    • What personal experiences have been important in helping you prepare to be a mental health professional, counselor, or educator?
    • What unique multicultural experiences have you experienced in your life that have been meaningful to you in preparing to work as a mental health professional, counselor, or educator?
    • What specific events, in your schooling or working life, stand out to you as important stepping stones for  training to be a mental health professional, counselor, or educator?
  • Experience Profile: Complete your experience profile using the Experience Profile Template (Word Document).
  • Language Background Form: Complete the Language Background form (PDF).
  • Unofficial transcript: Download unofficial transcripts (or scan a paper transcript) for every institution, one file per institution, and be prepared to upload to the online program application.  This is in addition to, not a substitution for, having official transcripts sent to SDSU Graduate Admissions office.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Contact 3 individuals who you have interacted with both personally and professionally and would be able to write a letter of recommendation for you. Please request that they write their letter and have it ready for when the system is available since they will be needed quickly. Recommenders will submit their letters directly into the Online Program Application; not through Cal State Apply.
  • Video:  Make a 5- to 6-minute video on your phone or some other video recording device and upload it with the other online program application materials in the Program Application. Address the following in your video:
    • Tell us what you are most passionate about and why you are interested in becoming a mental health professional, counselor or educator.
    • What do you hope to learn throughout the program?
    • What do you imagine you will be your contribution to the field and how will you work with others to provide them with helpful mental health services?
Submit your program application online

Go to Program application - Apply Now

  • Your program application has been created in a system called Interfolio. For help, refer to this Interfolio Tutorial (PDF).