BESO Board

Jesus Alvarado

Jesus Alvarado, President

Meet Jesus Alvarado, he is part of our DLE masters program. He wants to become a teacher to advocate for the success of students from low-income communities by breaking them away from the cycles of oppression and empowering them to achieve their greatest potential. Fun fact about him is that he rode his motorcycle from San Diego to Oaxaca to join us in our summer program at UABJO. Jesus enjoys to travel, especially on a motorcycle.

One of his favorite quotes is “If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything” -Malcolm X.

Miryam Galvan

Miryam Galvan, Vice President

Meet Miryam Galvan she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and she is currently enrolled in the bilingual multiple subject teaching credential program. Her passion for teaching goes beyond what happens inside the classroom; she believes in the importance of focusing on social-cultural and socio-economics factors to help students thrive. Miryam wants to become an advocate for her students to improve learning conditions. A fun fact is that she has a YouTube channel. Miryam enjoys reading, listening to podcasts and crafting.

Favorite quote: “It's not about what it is, it’s about what it can become” -Dr. Seuss

Sarah Whatley

Sarah Whatley, Treasurer

Meet Sarah Whatley, she has a Bachelor’s in Interdisciplinary Studies: Education, Spanish and History. Sarah is on her second semester of the Bilingual Multiple Subject Credential Program. She decided to become a teacher since she was a kid because she believes that education is the inner root of knowledge and kids deserve the right to have the best education for a better future. A fun fact about her is that she is a disney fan and loves traveling.

Favorite Quote: “La educación es el arma más poderosa que puedes usar para cambiar el mundo” - Nelson Mandela

Nichole Bullock

Nichole Bullock, Secretary

Nichole Bullock has a Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary studies: Language-Speech Pathology, Psychology, and Spanish. Nichole is enrolled in  the bilingual multiple subject teaching credential program. She aspires to be a teacher because she want's to help children to learn that the world is full of possibilities and that they are all more than capable of reaching any goal they set. A fun fact is that she love's to exercise almost everyday. She enjoy's to give Sunday school class at her parents' church.

Her favorite quote: "Education is the key to opportunity in our society, and the equality of educational opportunity must be the birthright of every citizen." --Lyndon B. Johnson

Jessica Garcia

Jessica Garcia, Historian and Social Media Manager

Meet Jessica Garcia, she has a Bachelor's degree in Spanish and she is part of our DLE bilingual multiple subject credential family. Jessica decided to become a teacher to inspire students with her similar background, she wants to use her example to show them than anything is possible through education. A fun about her is that she has a very contagious laugh. She enjoys traveling and discovering new places.

Favorite Quote: "Si avanzo síguenme, si me detengo empújanme, si retrocedo mátame" --Ernesto Che Guevara 

Arizveth Garay-Lopez

Arizveth Garay-Lopez, Member

Meet Arizveth Garay-Lopez, she has a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and now she is in the bilingual credential program-single subject. She wants to be a bilingual teacher to be a positive representation for EL students and to support them in their journey to develop their mother and second language. Fun fact about her is that her grandma used to call her “Vero” because she wanted her parents to name her Veronica. She enjoys eating out, long walks among the Target aisles while drinking coffee and going to Disneyland. Favorite quotes is “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted”-Albert Einstein 

Kevin Fisher

Kevin Fisher, Member

Meet Kevin Fisher, he is in the DLE Masters with an emphasis in Math. He wants to be a teacher because his experiences as a transfronterizo showed him the importance of education. A fun fact about Kevin is that he like's to be busy when he's not sleeping.

Favorite Quote: "I was born not knowing and have had only a little time to change that here and there." --Richard Feynman 

Elva Zazueta

Elva Zazueta, Member

Meet Elva Zazueta, she is in the multiple subject credential teaching program with a degree in child and family development. Elva wants to become a teacher because she believes that education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. A fun fact about Elva is that she can tough her nose with her tongue. She loves to go to Disneyland and drink coffee in Main Street.

Favorite Quote: "Enseñar no es transferor conocimiento, es cream la posibilidad de producible" -Paulo Freire