Undergraduate Coursework

Learn about undergraduate coursework in the Department of Child and Family Development.

The CFD Department provides an ideal curriculum for undergraduates preparing to enter graduate programs in the College of Education. Individuals with a B.S. from the CFD department enter graduate school prepared to become professionals who have a comprehensive understanding of child development in the context of family and schools within a cultural and global context.

CFD shares the mission of the College of Education to prepare SDSU students to help develop, implement and evaluate services for children and families. Both value practicum and fieldwork as an essential component of developing knowledge and skills in working with children and families.

CFD Undergraduate Degree (BS) and Coursework

Please visit the SDSU General Catalog for more specific information and course descriptions.

  • CFD 135: Principles of Family Development
  • CFD 270 Human Development across the Lifespan
  • CFD 270L: Principles of Child Development Lab
  • CFD 272: Children, Families and Communities
  • CFD 275: Developmentally Appropriate Practices
  • CFD 335: Interactions in Families
  • CFD 353A: Parenting the Young Child
  • CFD 353B: Parenting the School Aged Child
  • CFD 353C: Parenting Teens and Young Adults
  • CFD 370: Research and Evaluation
  • CFD 375A: Infant/Toddler Development
  • CFD 375B: Early Childhood-Middle Childhood
  • CFD 375C: Adolescence-Adulthood
  • CFD 377: Adult Supervision in CFD Programs
  • CFD 378A: Laboratory Experiences: Infants
  • CFD 378B: Laboratory Experiences: Preschool/Kindergarten
  • CFD 378C: Laboratory Experiences: Age 6 Through Adolescence
  • CFD 378D: Laboratory Experiences with Children and Families
  • CFD 380: Early Literacy Development & School Readiness
  • CFD 390: The Hospitalized Child
  • CFD 437: Violence in Relationships
  • CFD 475: Promoting Behavior Support & Classroom Organization in Early Childhood Settings
  • CFD 477: Administration of Child Development Programs
  • CFD 536: Divorce & Remarriage
  • CFD 537: Child Abuse & Family Violence
  • CFD 560: Theories in Socio-Emotional Development
  • CFD 575: Public Policy & Professional Ethics
  • CFD 577: Advanced Administration of CD Programs
  • CFD 578: Conflict Resolution along the Lifespan
  • CFD 590: Children with Special Needs
  • CFD 590L: Children with Special Needs Laboratory
  • CFD 597: Field Experience in Child & Family Development Programs
  • CFD 598: Reflective Portfolio

CFD 390: The Hospitalized Child

This course is designed, but not limited to, students interested in a career as a Certified Child Life Specialist. Students will examine how hospitalization affects infants through adolescents. This class will discuss development, play, grief, death and dying along with best practices for working with families and the application of family centered care. In addition, students will obtain basic knowledge of stress reduction, coping strategies, and play therapies.

This class is taught by a Certified Child Life Specialist that meets the criteria for the new certification requirements. Please refer to the Child Life Council for a full list of requirements.

 Photo: Small child with bandage on head in hospital bed