Help for Current Students (Undergraduates)

Preparation for the Major

All students must complete a series of “Preparation for the Major“ classes and earn at least a C in each class. Once this is done, students will move from the “pre-major” to the “major” and may begin taking upper division CFD classes. Please visit Pamela Gardner and she will complete the paperwork to expedite this process of moving from the “pre-major” to the “major.” If you took some of these classes at other institutions, you must bring copies of transcripts to your meeting with Pamela Gardner.

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See Help for CFD Graduate Students.

Specialization and Master Plan

About the time students move from the “pre-major” to the “major,” they must select one of 2 specializations (Child Development Specialization or Family Development Specialization). Students must also file a Master Plan. This is done in a meeting with Pamela Gardner. Information on the specializations and the master plan is noted in the SDSU General Catalog.

Helpful Resources

  • Learning Resource Center: The CFD Learning Resource Center is geared toward students majoring in Child and Family Development. Students can receive one-on-one help with homework, college essays, creative writing, and anything else they might need help with, as well as connecting with other students.  Learn more.
  • SDSU General Catalog:  It is advised that students read the SDSU General Catalog and become familiar with the Child and Family Development section. Most questions that students have are addressed in the catalog.
  • WebPortal/ Degree Audit Report: We also encourage students to check their WebPortal frequently. The Degree Audit Report is available through WebPortal and shows the classes students have taken, the classes students must take, etc. For the first semester that students attend SDSU, the Degree Audit Report is available only at the SDSU Undergraduate Advising Center and not through WebPortal. If you meet with Pamela Gardner during your first semester at SDSU, please bring a copy of your Degree Audit to your meeting.
  • Reflective Learning Portfolio: Learn about the Reflective Learning Portfolio, a requirement for CFD students entering upper division courses.