Lisa Clement Lamb


Ph.D., Mathematics Education, San Diego State University/University of California at San Diego
M.A. Mathematics, San Diego State University
B.S., Mathematics, College of William and Mary

Biography & Research Interests

I am a professor of mathematics education in SDSU's School of Teacher Education. Previously I taught high school mathematics at public schools in Virginia and California.  At the core of my research and teaching are students’ ideas about mathematics. My research focuses on students’ ways of reasoning about integers (see and teachers’ professional noticing of students’ mathematical ideas. I have also worked with CRMSE colleagues to support 36 Master Teaching Fellows in mathematics and science as they hone their teaching practices and emerge into teacher leaders. When I am not working, I spend a little time playing tennis and a lot of time embarrassing my son and husband. CRMSE has been a central part of my academic life for more than 25 years. With opportunities to collaborate with those who have similar research interests from across Colleges, CRMSE provides an intellectual space to learn and grow.

Curriculum Vitae 

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Human Interest Questions
  • If you weren’t a professor, what would you be?
    • A sports statistician. I am unsure whether one can earn a living as a sports statistician, but I would want to try. Who wouldn’t want to job that combines sports and mathematics?
  • If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
    • Spaghetti. No, chocolate chip cookies. No, spaghetti. Cookies. Spaghetti. Cookies. Either way, 4-year olds and I would make the same, worthy choice!
  • What movie can you practically quote from start to finish?
    • Princess Bride. "I'm not left handed, either.”



 Lisa Clement Lamb

 Lisa Clement Lamb
 Professor of 
 Mathematics Education

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