About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the program is to prepare students to practice as competent entry level MFT professionals, capable of ethically applying relational/ systemic and social constructionist ideas and practices to meet the needs of today’s intercultural society.

Our Philosophy

The program training is guided by a philosophy that incorporates the following values and commitments:

  • A social constructionist and systemic paradigm that regards all descriptions of human interactions as subjective, contextual, and emerging from social interaction and meaning-making.
  • Multicultural/intercultural development that invites an examination of understandings of difference, language, history, and power and their effects in people’s lives and their relationships. It also invites critical examination of the paradigms of family therapy within their geo-cultural contexts so as to introduce alternative proposals to add to the current eurocentric ones. The program advances the ability to address these factors in therapy and other relationships.
  • A community focus to prepare for serving underserved and poorly served populations.
    Social responsibility to consider the therapist’s role in relation to social contribution, impact, and leadership for change in mental health systems.
  • Personal growth to support the exploration of one’s own storied life, consider the effects of experiences in social relationships, therapeutic relationships, and open oneself to new personal and social interactions, physiology, emotional experiences, and perspectives.
  • Promotion of linguistic rights of Spanish-English therapists so they receive training in both languages and advance their knowledges and skills bilingually (through class instruction, supervision and practice).