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View publications and presentations from the School Counseling program and resources for School Counselors. 

Graduate Student Work Examples

View examples of projects on college and career readiness by graduate students in the School Counseling program.

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Family Connections

Career exploration classroom presentation, by Pekin and Garcia


College Awareness

Parent Presentation at ABC Elementary School in Spanish and English, by Sanchez and Ng

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Study Skills & Time Management

Guidance Curriculum at XYZ High School, by Henderson and Delgado

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Guidance Curriculum Results

Flashlight Results Presentation on Study Skills and Time Management Guidance Curriculum at XYZ High School, by Henderson and Delgado


Diving into Data

A review of X High School's Achievement Figures, by Sanchez and Romo


Cardinal Camp

School Counseling NOSCA 2013 Presentation on Cardinal Camp 


Read the Poised to Lead Report

The quality of the coursework students take in high school powerfully affects their life options after graduation. School counselors can guide students through the course selection process. They also can help schools identify policies and practices that propel all students toward success, as well as those that hold some students back. The problem? Too many of today’s school counselors do not serve this function. “Poised to Lead” outlines what states, districts, and schools can do to help school counselors become leaders and advocates in the effort to prepare all students for college and career.

Poised to Lead: How School Counselors can Drive College and Career Readiness 

Additional Resources

NOSCA - A Closer Look at the Principal-Counselor Relationship 

NOSCA - Finding a Way: Practical Examples of How an Effective Principal-Counselor Relationship Can Lead to Success for All Students

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