Values and Principles

Read about NAISC's guiding values and principles.

Image: Native American medicine wheel with words "Culture and Identity" at the center with star points containing these words: "Reciprocity, Spirituality, Cognitive/Acdemic, Language. Social/Behaviora,. Intentionality, Physical" and words between the star points reading "Home, School and Community Collaboration; School Culture and Policy Advocacy; Resiliency; Educational Historical Foundation; Legal and Ethical; Research; Assessment; Intervention" and 4 feathers hanging from the wheel reading"National Association of School Psychologists" and "Native American Workgroup" and "Native American/Alaskan Nations" and "World Indigenous Nations."The Department of Counseling & School Psychology (CSP) holds a mission of promoting social justice, equity, and culturally competent practice.

The Native American and Indigenous Scholars Collaborative (NAISC) is guided by values and principles we consider to be consistent with indigenous peoples and communities.

Core Values and Guiding Principles

  • Mediate problem solving between the Western and Traditional world views
  • Learn to be adaptable, be resourceful, and walk flexibly in 2 worlds
  • Learn both experientially and theoretically
  • Learn principles and practices of change/ change agents
  • Learn and practice systematic perspectives in the delivery of equity, diversity and cultural democracy
  • Learn system of Native creativity inquiry as a method of self-sufficient thinking and survival
  • Re-emerge from decolonization, which will lead to empowerment
  • Develop bicultural world view from which to assess, interpret and intervene

Photo: 3 NAISC scholars pose, 2 of them are wearing Native American blankets