Native Mentors and Models

Read about native mentors and models.

Mentoring is a hallmark of our School Psychology and School Counseling programs. All faculty members:

  • Spend a considerable time outside of class with students
  • Regularly mentor their students' professional presentations at state and national conferences
  • Link students to valuable leadership activities 

For Native American and Indigenous students, the dilemmas and stress of "walking in 2 worlds" is best mediated by role models and, if possible, mentors who understand both worldviews as well as expectations of content.

Ethnic similarity has long been recognized as an asset in counseling and establishing human relationships. NAISC provides a variety of Native American and Indigenous role models who become critical in assisting students to successfully bridge the 2 divergent cultures in which they participate.

Photo: Mentor Gregory Cajete  poses with NAISC scholars.

Mentor Dr. Gregory Cajete poses with NAISC Scholars.

Larry Emerson

Larry Emerson, Ph.D.
Project Mentor and Community Activist
 Photo: Larry Emerson, Ph.D.

Marilyn Robinson

Marilyn Robinson, M.S., M.A. 
Former Seminar Instructor
(Cayuga, First Nations) 
 Photo: Marilyn Robinson, M.S., M.A.