BEAMS Competencies

Project BEAMS involves SPs & SEs in interdisciplinary training and shared collaboration via:

  • Research-based courses in Autism, Ethics, & Applied Behavioral Analysis;
  • Seminars to discuss readings, give cross-disciplinary presentations, and practice collaboration;
  • Clinical practicum, with paired SPs & SEs providing intensive interventions in classrooms;
  • Summer institutes, to learn about leading research (Day 1) and build capacity around mental health services (Day 2)
  • Co-attendance at professional conferences.

Project competencies include:

Is a model diagram of what the project competencies.BEAMS Conceptual Training Model.

BEAMS Conceptual Training Model: Each supportive BEAM comprises overarching competencies needed to become a “collaborative professional” who is able to deliver effective, inclusive, and coordinated teaching practices (adapted from Columbia College (Division of Education, 2012).

Please contact Dr. Katina Lambros ([email protected]) for more information and/or a BEAMS application.