Project PUEDE!

Learn about Project PUEDE!, in the Department of Counseling and School Psychology.

Project PUEDE!:  Partnering to Unify Education Services for Dual Language and English Learners.

Funded for 5 years (2018) - $ 1.2 Million

  • Project Director: Carol Robinson-Zañartu (Counseling & School Psychology)
  • Co-PI: Jennica Paz (Counseling & School Psychology). 
  • SLP Specialist and Mentor: Sonja Pruitt-Lord (Speech-Language & Hearing)

The PUEDE! project addresses a critical need for support for the growing population of Dual Language and English Learners (DL/EL) in today’s schools. Children with disabilities who have high intensity needs require specialized knowledge, skills and services from multiple highly trained professionals. When those children are DL/EL, the number of variables to be understood and integrated is compounded exponentially by linguistic, sociocultural, acculturation, expectation, and relationships factors.

PUEDE! will prepare 30 bilingual school psychologist and speech language pathologists uniquely skilled at interdisciplinary collaboration in assessment, interventions, and consultation for dual language/English learner students with high intensity needs. Specialized project seminars, institutes, and clinical practica will provide in-depth research- and evidence-based knowledge, skills, and practice in bilingual SP and bilingual SLP, in collaboration across disciplines.

Scholars will gain competencies in:

(a) transdisciplinary bilingual assessment

(b) interventions with high need bilingual/multilingual youth

(c) consultation

(d) interdisciplinary collaboration

(e) Spanish language skills

Skills and knowledge supporting those competencies will include enhanced knowledge of models and methods of instructional and curricular practices with DL/ELs, incorporating focused instruction, inclusion models, assistive technology, and culturally responsive adaptations. In addition, PUEDE Scholars will learn about and practice parent and family engagement, and in-depth understanding of the Latino cultures from which high percentages of San Diego students come.