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Find resources for students in the Department of Counseling and School Psychology.

On-Campus Resources

We are continuing to seek ways to enhance our services to students and will continue to keep you informed of new developments.

Just visit SDSU Webportal and select "Unofficial Transcripts" to view and/or print  unofficial SDSU transcripts.

You can also change your address, register for classes, pay fees, and much more. "Unofficial" transcripts report the same course and grade information as the official transcripts. However, they are not considered official because they do not have the official university seal imprinted on them and they are not suitable for transfer purposes. Unofficial transcripts are used primarily for student reference.

Official transcripts are available for a small fee and are usually transmitted directly between institutions when a student is transferring to another college. You can visit for information about ordering official transcripts.

The Official Academic Calendar is provided online by the SDSU Office of the Registrar.