Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies (LS) is an academic program in the School of Teacher Education. Faculty assigned to teach liberal studies courses are drawn from the colleges at San Diego State University. 

Liberal Studies is one of the largest majors at SDSU and provides a rich academic foundation for meeting a wide range of future goals, both within the field of education and beyond. Core coursework spans communications and critical thinking, American institutions, math and science, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, education fieldwork, and more.

After completing pre-major requirements, students at the upper-division level choose to focus in either literacy, mathematics, or science with optional additional courses in a range of topics including performing arts, linguistics, special and bilingual education.

The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies provides students with a multidimensional education in a variety of disciplines.  Many students choose a major in Liberal Studies as undergraduate preparation for subsequent careers in elementary and/or middle school education. Others choose to pursue graduate studies, non-teaching careers in education, and a variety of other career pathways.

Photo: Liberal Studies students pose with giant letters spelling out BELIZE in front of a Mayan pyramid ruin.

SDSU and the Liberal Studies Program recognize that student participation in approved international experiences is a transformational educational experience. Toward that goal, the Liberal Studies major includes an International Experience requirement. (Above:  Liberal Studies students explore Belize in 2017.)

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Photo: Dr. Virginia Loh-Hagan, Program Director, Liberal Studies

"Armed with the resources and support of the School of Teacher Education and College of Education, the Liberal Studies program is positioned to create opportunities and experiences that will forever impact our local communities, one graduate at a time.”

  — Virginia Loh-Hagan, Ph.D., Liberal Studies Program Director

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