ARPE/Interwork Institute

Image Name Title Office Phone Email
Chaz Compton, Ed.D. -209 619-594-7935 [email protected]
Kathy Fleming Administrative Support 619-594-4267 [email protected]
Fred R McFarlane, Ph.D. Professor and Chair CAMINO-117 619-594-4228 [email protected]
Urban Miyares Director-Disabled Business Persons -111 619-594-8805 [email protected]
Minah Oh -Suite 229 619-594-7231 [email protected]
Joseph Ornelas Multimedia Production Analyst -224 619-594-0731 [email protected]
John Summerfruit Admin/Fiscal and Operations Support 6367 ALV COURT-Suite 350 619-594-4209 [email protected]
Linda Bussell -225 619-594-8389 [email protected]