Akansha Vaswani, M.S.

Akansha Vaswani
  • Fieldwork Supervisor
  • Counseling and School Psychology


  • Manuscripts in Progress:

  • Karter, J., Vaswani, A., Cosgrove, L., & Brodt, M. (in progress). The Ethics of Phase 1 Trials.
  • Bacigalupe, G., & Vaswani, A. (in progress). Are treatment guidelines for celiac disease psychosocially multisystemic?
  • Culturally relevant therapies; Social constructionist and post structural theories; Narrative therapy; Health psychology with a focus on the psychosocial aspects of chronic illness; Developmental disabilities; Culture and mental health; Working with immigrant populations and international students; Postcolonial studies; Marriage & family therapy.
  • Digital Volunteers in Natural Disasters, Connecting and Caring Virtually: The Case of Chile.
  • Structural violence: A feminist analysis of LGBTQ+ Prisoner Project
  • Social justice consciousness development: Feminist analysis of activist narratives of involvement in social change.
  • The internationalization of clinical trials: A critique from a humanistic perspective.

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