Navid Zamani, M.S., LMFT

Navid Zamani
  • Lecturer
  • Counseling and School Psychology


Navid Zamani is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist practicing in San Diego. His work is structured around supporting families experiencing domestic violence, and conceptualizes these experiences from a post-structural, decolonial feminism situated in Narrative practices. His interests in counseling, philosophy, and music are blended together with an interest in relational ethics, the politics of revolutionary love, and leaning into complexity. In addition to teaching at San Diego State University, heis the Head of Clinical Services at License to Freedom, a non-profit that supports refugees and immigrants from the Middle East who are experiencing domestic violence issues.

  • Published Work:

  • Navid J. Zamani, Graham S. Smith, and Gerald Monk (2013). Online Forums as Definitional  Ceremonies. Journal Therapies: Vol. 32, No. 4
  • Research & Teaching Interests:

  • Navid has had experience teaching Theories I, Theories II, Multiculturalism in Counseling, Groups Counseling, Law and Ethics, and Recovery Movement and the DSM. Teaching theories and conceptualizations of clinical practice is where he finds himself most energized and stimulated. He has research interests and experience in domestic violence services and the intersection of technology and therapy. Other research interests include the practices and effects of bilingual and multicultural counseling; trauma-informed care and services.
  • Personal Interests:

  • An important part of working in a highly stressful environment is self-care. Navid practices this well by maintaining a well-rounded San Diego lifestyle that includes surfing, gardening, playing drums in a band, camping and spending quality time with his partner and 2 dogs.
  • Professional Activities:

  • Navid practices narrative therapy with an at-risk, highly-traumatized population in a residential setting. This includes providing services in individual, family, couples, and group contexts. In addition to providing counseling services to families experiencing and seeking safety from domestic violence, Navid provides numerous trainings across San Diego county in domestic violence services, safety planning strategies, and domestic violence advocacy. Navid also has experience in providing psychoeducational groups to the Iranian community in Farsi.

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