Golbanou Rahimi, M.S., LMFT

Golby Rahimi
  • Lecturer & AAMFT-approved Clinical Supervisor
  • Counseling and School Psychology


Golby Rahimi received a BA in Psychology and in Economics from UC Berkeley, and graduated from the SDSU MFT program in 2007. She has been licensed since 2010. Her clinical work has focused on working with children and their families in a community/home-based setting within a multi-disciplinary setting, specifically following the Wraparound approach. She has a passion for working with children facing multiple life stressors, generational traumas, and high risk issues such as self harm and suicidality. 

  • Supporting students and interns in understanding BBS requirements and guidelines; working with children and adolescents labeled as “Seriously Emotionally Disturbed;” home based therapy services; helping connect interns and trainees with positions within County funded programs.
  • Legal and ethical issues in therapy; self of the therapist issues, specifically sociocultural influences on the development of the therapist identity; working with children and adolescents in a community/home based setting; acculturation and its influence on identity development and impact on view of mental health services; grief and bereavement.

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