Sylvia Hernandez

Sylvia Hernandez
  • Credential Analyst
  • Office for Student Success


Sylvia Hernandez first joined the College of Education at SDSU in 1992. After a brief move to CSU San Marcos in 2005, she returned to SDSU to serve as one of two credential analysts in the Office for Student Success.

Sylvia developed an interest in student services shortly after graduation from UCSB when she went to work for their admissions office specializing in admissions for incoming freshman. Sylvia ultimately moved to an academic advising position where she was assigned to work with several undergraduate programs including the liberal studies program for teacher education. This experience sparked a lifelong interest in the credentialing process and credential program advising.

Sylvia enjoys travel, reading, learning to knit and spending time with friends and family. She especially enjoys going to animated movies with her young nephew Preston.

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