Rachel Fine, M.A.

Rachel Fine, M.A.
  • Assistant to the Senior Associate Dean
  • College of Education


A San Diego native, Rachel received her bachelor’s degree in English and master’s degree in children’s literature from SDSU. For the past two years, she has worked as the department coordinator for the Department of Sociology. Outside of work, she enjoys reading and library book sales; going to local street fairs, art walks and trivia nights; and hanging out at the beach. An avid traveler, Rachel visited Italy last summer and she is planning a trip to Scotland for next year.

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  • Curriculum Proposals/CurriCUNET
  • Faculty & Staff Directory, College-wide
  • Faculty Travel Allocations
  • International J-1 Exchange Visitor Program
  • Periodic Evaluations, Faculty
  • Reappointment/Tenure/Promotion (RTP)
  • Sabbaticals/Difference-in-Pay Leaves
  • Service Learning Agreements (SLA)
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  • University Grants Program (UGP)

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