Belén Hernando-Lloréns, Ph.D.

Dr. Belén Hernando-Lloréns earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, under the co-advice of Thomas Popkewitz and Erica Halverson. Her scholarship explores the historical production of racial and linguistic diversity as a pedagogical problem, in the US and in Spain. She is specifically interested in the interplay of discourses of conviviality and bilingualism in the making of educational problems. Her inquiry is situated in spaces of knowledge production that go beyond the traditional classroom space, like educational policy, scientific reports, judicial sentences, media, virtual learning platforms, or the historical archive. Dr. Hernando-Lloréns’ research is located at the intersection of curriculum studies, cultural studies, and race and critical language studies in education. Her work has been published in Curriculum Inquiry, Journal of Curriculum Studies, or Bilingual Research Journal.   

  • Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Wisconsin-Madison, with minors in Qualitative Methodologies & Gender and Women’s Studies.
  • M. S. [Master] in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, University Antonio de Nebrija, Spain,/li>
  • B. A. [Licenciatura] in Humanities, University Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  • Peer Reviewed Articles

  • Hernando- Lloréns, B., (2020). Participation, technologies of the body, and agency: The limits of discourses of responsible citizenship. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 52(5), 654-672.
  • Hernando-Lloréns, B. (2019). Differentiating citizenship, criminalizing diversity: Problematizing convivencia in education in Spain. Curriculum Inquiry, 48(5), 521-539.
  • Hernando-Lloréns, B., & Blair, A. (2017). Mexican transnational parents: What they have to say about inclusive education and their children’s educational needs. Bilingual Research Journal, 40(4), 392-405.
  • Halverson, E. R., Gibbons, D., Copeland, S., Andrews, A., Hernando-Llorens, B., & Bass, M. B. (2014). What makes a youth-produced film good? The youth audience perspective. Learning, Media and Technology, 39(3), 386-403. doi:10.1080/17439884.2012.7062222017
  • Book Chapters

  • Hernando-Lloréns, B. (forthcoming). Meditations on Experience: The politics and ethics of “not knowing” in educational research. In Ch. E. Matias (Ed.), Critical Theoretical Research Methods in Education. New York; London: Routledge.
  • Hernando-Lloréns, B. (forthcoming). The making of the Latino boy as a “problem” of convivencia in education in Spain: A history of the present. In Y. Medina & M. Machado-Casas (Eds.), Critical Understandings of Latinx in Global Education. Leiden; Boston: Brill

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