Faculty and Staff


The Department of Dual Language & English Learner Education prepares bilingual and cross-cultural teachers, administrators, and other educators who are reflective and transformational practitioners in addressing the needs of ethnically and linguistically diverse learners through collaboration with schools, families and community.

Image Name Title Office Phone Email
Griselda Palma, Ph.D. Griselda Palma, Ph.D. University Field Supervisor and Lecturer for the DLE Department (619) 987-3229 [email protected]
Cristina Alfaro, Ph.D. Cristina Alfaro, Ph.D. Professor EBA-219 619-594-2916 [email protected]
Lupe Buell, Ph.D. Lupe Buell, Ph.D. Single Subject Coordinator EBA-248 [email protected]
Karen Cadiero-Kaplan, Ph.D. Karen Cadiero-Kaplan, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus 619-594-4994 [email protected]
GuillermoCastillo Lecturer EBA [email protected]
Brad Cohen Brad Cohen Lecturer [email protected]
Tamara Collins-Parks, Ph.D. Tamara Collins-Parks, Ph.D. MA Coordinator EBA-214 619-594-3330 [email protected]
Janette Dorricott, M.A. Lecturer EBA-222 [email protected]
Alberto Esquinca, Ph.D. Alberto Esquinca, Ph.D. Associate Professor EBA-215A 619-594-2864 [email protected]
Rick Froehbrodt, M.A. Rick Froehbrodt, M.A. Lecturer [email protected]
Yvette Garcia Yvette Garcia Department Coordinator EBA-248A 619-594-3216 [email protected]
Guillermo Gómez, Ph.D. Guillermo Gómez, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor [email protected]
Sera Hernandez, Ph.D. Sera Hernandez, Ph.D. Assistant Professor EBA-213A 619-594-1943 [email protected]
Sarah Maheronnaghsh Sarah Maheronnaghsh, Ph.D. Lecturer, DLE & Co-coordinator, GCE EBA-259 619-594-3266 [email protected]
Saul I Maldonado, Ph.D. Assistant Professor EBA-219A 619-594-2276 [email protected]
Jill Mora, Ed.D. Professor [email protected]
Alberto M. Ochoa, Ed.D. Alberto M. Ochoa, Ed.D. Professor Emeritus [email protected]
Svenna Pedersen, M.A. Lecturer ED-111A 619-550-3515 [email protected]
Rosalba Ponce, M.A. Rosalba Ponce, M.A. Bilingual Credential Program Supervisor [email protected]
Sheila Solórzano, M.A. Sheila Solórzano, M.A. Bilingual Credential Program Supervisor [email protected]
Sobeida Velazquez, M.A. Sobeida Velazquez, M.A. Online Credential Program Supervisor [email protected]
Mary Waldron Multiple Subject Coordinator EBA-248 [email protected]