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Teacher Leadership

M.A. in Education

Undergraduate Program Graduate Program Concentration Focus Online Hybrid

The Master of Arts degree in education with a concentration in teacher leadership is intended to prepare effective classroom teachers for new leadership roles in their schools by providing them with new knowledge and leadership skills, furthering a sense of inquiry within the realmof school change, and providing a scholarly community of educators with similar career goals and trajectories. Graduates of the program will have the skills they need to be effective in roles such as as master teacher, curriculum leader, assessment leader, mentor, and instructional coach. Graduates of the program will understand collective efficacy, its impact on a school, and the expectation that they contribute to building it. They will develop a deep understanding of high-quality instruction to the point where they can see it, feel it and know when it’s not present. Graduates will know how to influence the learning and practice of adults from a parallel position of authority.

Students are admitted in cohort groups. Each cohort includes approximately 20-30 students, all of whom are working professionals in public or private schools or other educational settings. Coursework leading towards the MA degree is 1 year and completed over 3 semesters (fall, spring, and summer).