Course Sequence

Learn about the course sequences for upcoming semesters in the M.A. in Education w/ a Concentration on Teacher Leadership Program. 

Fall 2020

Supporting equity for students in Pre K-12 schools through variety of leadership roles. Examination of common biases and inequities that affect students based on categories such as race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, and disability. Best practices to design school systems for reducing inequities and promoting optimal learning environments for all learners.


Leading teacher teams in needs assessment, evaluation of sources of evidence, and identification of best practices for student intervention and support. Accessing research to improve the use of evidence-based practices and student achievement. Facilitating improvements in instruction and student learning using implementation science.


Spring 2021

Using mentoring, coaching, and collaboration in role of teacher leader to promote school improvement. Using adult learning theory and models and methods to improve collaboration within the school and for outreach and collaboration with families and community.


Leading organizational engagement using principles of invitational education and implementation science. Designing professional learning opportunities and leading professional learning communities for improvement and increased engagement.


This is the first of a 3-course research sequence for those pursuing the master’s degree.  This course provides an overview of educational research, focusing on understanding research and using research as an educational practitioner.  Students are introduced to various quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.


Summer 2021

Master’s students will begin research on a project related to cultural competencies for educational leaders.
Master’s students will begin research on a project related to cultural competencies for educational leaders.




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