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Rehabilitation Counseling Program

The fully accredited SDSU Rehabilitation Counseling Program (RCP) prepares students to be effective practitioners, administrators, and leaders in the field of rehabilitation.

Photo: Kiana Caton in classroom with children

The Many Career Paths of the Child Development Major

CFD student Kiana Caton plans to become an attorney, and eventually a judge. CFD graduates find positions in schools, hospitals, counseling centers, mental health centers, family service agencies, community programs, business and industry, government agencies, and many more.

Photo: Kimberly Chhouen and 2 other students with books at a table

Child & Family Development - Elementary Teacher

Hear Kimberly Chhouen, a Child & Family Development undergraduate, talk about her plans to become an elementary school teacher. 

Photo: Marilyn Lopez-Eguia, Family Childcare Resource Teacher, AKA Headstart

Child & Family Development -  Family Childcare Teacher

Marilyn Lopez-Eguila is a Family Childcare Resource Teacher at AKA Headstart.  "It's not just the children but the families that you work with, and the community around the children, and that's what attracted me to this field."

Photo: Elizabeth Ettreim

Child & Family Development - Master's Program - Development Specialist

Elizabeth Ettreim is a Developmental Specialist at Rady's Children's Hospital for the developmental screening and enhancement program. "There are so many job opportunities once you graduate."

Graduate Programs in Child Development

The CFD master's degree and EC-SEBRIS certificate programs are targeted toward working professionals with classes offered in the evenings. Finish in just 2 years.

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Online Master of Arts in Teaching

An exciting and innovative program designed for those who are inspired to be responsive and innovative K-12 master teachers. This Masters program takes just 1 year and is completely online.

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Teacher Education Master's Programs

MA & MAT grad students talk about their experiences in these advanced degree programs designed to promote and support learning and development through scholarly reading, study, and exchange of ideas.

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Teacher Credential Programs at SDSU

Hear from former students discussing their experiences going through a program that prepares highly qualified teachers. SDSU offers over a century of teaching and learning experience. 

Photo: Marco Ibanez with students in classroom

Dual Language Programs at SDSU

Students and graduates talk about the success they’ve experienced because of their preparation in the Bilingual Credential Program at SDSU.

Photo: Ashanti Hands, Ed.D.

Ed.D. in Community College Leadership

COE alumni Ashanti Hands, Ed.D., is Dean of Student Affairs at San Diego Mesa College. SDSU's Community College Leadership program (CCLEAD) develops leaders who are equity-oriented, strive to understand the inherent complexities of educational systems, and maintain institutional responsibility for critical issues facing America's community colleges.

Photo: Sarah Litoski-Jimenez in classroom with students

Special Education Credential Program

Sarah Litoski-Jimenez is a Mod./Sev. Special Ed HS teacher. "Aside from Special Ed being very rewarding, it's also a high demand field."