Undergraduate Programs

Department: School of Teacher Education (STE)

SDSU’s Liberal Studies major is designed for future elementary and middle school teachers. The Liberal Studies major prepares students to pursue a regular multiple subjects credential or other credential possibilities. These possibilities include special education, a multiple subjects credential in bilingual education, and various middle school authorizations or credentials.

Department: Child and Family Development (CFD)

The Child Development Major prepares students for a variety of professional specialties centering around children and families. Students pursue one of 2 specializations:

  • The Child Specialization, which prepares students for careers as teachers or administrators in preschool or child development centers
  • The Family Specialization, designed primarily for students planning to become elementary grade teachers, social service workers, marriage and family therapists, social workers, child life specialists, school counselors, etc.

The Department's focus is on lifespan development with an emphasis in social and emotional development.

Department: Child and Family Development (CFD)

The Child Development Minor is an important adjunct for students in such areas as education, psychology, recreation, social work, and sociology. Students who select this minor can benefit from a broad understanding of life as a developmental process.

Department: College of Education

Cultural proficiency is the ability to work effectively and sensitively across cultural contexts. It involves learning, communicating and connecting respectfully with others regardless of differences. Culture can refer to an individual’s race, class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, immigration status and age, among other things. All these factors strongly influence people’s lives and experiences.

Students, regardless of background or identity, bring both cultural understanding and self-awareness to their work. The Minor in Cultural Proficiency will introduce the process of building this understanding and awareness, enabling students to begin developing skills to interact positively within our diverse campus community and global society.

Department: Counseling & School Psychology (CSP)

The Minor In Counseling and Social Change introduces students to skills and concepts used to understand and create positive social change, and to professional career paths such a school and community counseling, clinical psychology, social work, family therapy, and school psychology. It provides immersion in theory and experience-based practice.

Department: Administration, Rehabilitation, and Postsecondary Education (ARPE)

The SDSU Leadership Minor seeks to develop emotionally intelligent, transformational leaders capable of taking themselves and others to higher levels of performance, purpose, and passion. Our comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach is designed to empower student leaders to transform their future careers and organizations through the art and science of leadership.