About the SDSU Pre-College Institute

The SDSU Pre-College Institute (PCI) promotes college access and completion for underserved students, implements innovative programs to enhance excellence in teaching and learning in multicultural settings, and studies their outcomes. Founded in 1983, by our Executive Director Dr. Cynthia Park, PCI provides an invaluable service to our communities’ multicultural low-income, underrepresented, and underserved students. Our goal at PCI is to extend an invitation to life to our students, and to support them as they make their way through the K-career pipeline. Using multiple grants and sources of funding, PCI has implemented a variety  of ongoing programs and initiatives to achieve that mission. 

PCI Mission and Values

We believe

The faculty and staff of PCI believe that students can achieve their potential by enrolling in and completing a postsecondary program of their choice. Through multiple federally funded grants, our students receive academic advising, mentoring, personal and financial counseling, personalized college preparation, summer supplemental instruction, and tutorial assistance throughout their high school career.

The institute, operating from the university’s historic strength in teacher education and its proximity to Mexico, works closely with parents, principals, school counselors, teachers, and SDSU undergraduates to decrease the achievement gap between high- and low-performing schools. The institute supports continuous growth of its faculty and staff through a systematic professional development program.

Building Partnerships 

The institute also offers services through its partnerships with the Hoover Community Connection, College Avenue Compact, Sweetwater Compact for Success, the Division of Undergraduate Studies, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, and the Colleges of Sciences and Health and Human Services.

The Pathways Office, through a partnership with PCI, the College of Education, and the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships, provides current SDSU students with a service-learning opportunity to work as tutors at our partner school sites to provide in-class and afterschool. Tutors enroll in Education 201 and/or Teacher Education 362, provide tutoring, serve as near-peer leaders, reflect on their experience in class and then apply knowledge from the course to deepen their knowledge and grow as individuals when exploring their experience.