Professional Conferences

On this page: Learn about professional conferences attended by ¡PUEDE! scholars.

Each year, ¡PUEDE! Scholars attend a state or national professional conference relevant to the project – either in bilingual education, speech language pathology (SLP), or school psychology (SP).

Scholars from SP and SLP will attend the same conference and focus learning on the issues related to their year of participation, followed by debriefing their learning together in the Community of Practice meetings.

In addition to extending the collaborative learning and assignments to a state or national venue, Scholars will move into leadership via to disseminating their outcomes together in the second year of their project participation, through mentored presentations.  

Photo: PUEDE! scholars pose in front of signage at NABE conference, 2019.

¡PUEDE! scholars at NABE 2019 (National Association for Bilingual Education), Orlando, Florida.

Photo: Puede! scholars pose at NABE conference in Orlando Florida, 2019.

School Psychology and Speech Language Pathology ¡PUEDE! scholar teams together  at NABE 2019.