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The National Center for the Twenty-first Century Schoolhouse School Facility Planning Model was designed to provide users with information on school facility planning from the learner-centered perspective establishing the educational needs of students as the central focus of all aspects school facility planning.

The National Center’s School Facility Planning Model provides a wide array of information on school facility planning via web site links. The National Center’s School Facility Planning Model consists of two parts.

  • Part I introduces the learner-centered approach to school facility planning, provoking thought and prompting planners to giving careful consideration to the educational, developmental, psychological and social needs of learners - those individuals who will be using, and benefiting from, the school facility.
  • Part II will explore the various aspects of school facility planning, as a means to articulate and advance educational purposes, for a school is the place where students, teachers, administrators and neighbor citizens continue to live and work in order to learn and to learn from one another.

Each part of the National Center’s planning model is divided into topical sections and subsections. There is a brief explanation for each topical section, followed by links to web sites that address the topic in each section. You may click on a link that interests you, view the document, and decide if it will be helpful in your school facility planning process. Links are selected for their timeliness, point of view, and applicability across states and regions.

Links are checked and updated regularly, thereby providing the most current and helpful information on school facility planning. The websites linked to the National Center for the 21st Century Schoolhouse School Facility Planning Model are developed and maintained by entities other than the National Center. The National Center does not control the information contained on these web sites. Inclusion on the National Center’s web site is not an endorsement of any views or opinions expressed, or products or services offered, on these web sites, or of the entities sponsoring them.

If you would like to provide feedback, or recommend a web site link for inclusion in the National Center’s Planning Model please contact us.

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