The California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) is a subject matter competence requirement that must be fulfilled by all credentialed teachers. 


We currently offer test prep courses for the following CSET subtests: Algebra (211), Geometry (212), Science (215), and Multiple Subjects-Math and Science (102). We hope to be able to offer Physics soon!  Use the link to let us know you are interested in Physics. 
Physics inquiries

We usually offer CSET test prep classes twice a year, in January/February and June/July. Typically in the winter we offer Algebra, Geometry, and Multiple Subjects-Math and Science. In the summer we offer, Algebra, Geometry, and General Science.  Send us an inquiry for the exact dates/times for this year.

All CSET test prep classes are free. Materials, books, and parking are also free. MSTI will reimburse you for your testing fee if you pass.

No, our CSET test prep classes are open to the public. Our participants include SDSU undergraduates and credential students, students from other colleges/universities, current classroom teachers, substitute teachers, instructional assistants, and anyone interested in obtaining a teaching credential.

No. All the CSET test prep classes offered by SDSU MSTI are face-to-face and taught by experienced middle/high school math and science teachers.

Our test prep classes are designed to cover different domains and topics at each scheduled class meeting, i.e. each day covers new material. Missing a day means missing out on important material, so participants should plan on attending every day in order to receive the maximum benefit from the instruction, as well as to ensure eligibility for test fee reimbursement.

We understand that life happens, and a few (2-3) excused absences or late arrivals are allowed.

If you aren’t local or you have scheduling conflicts, we can point you in the direction of  some other test prep resources. Email [email protected].

Congratulations on passing! In order to be reimbursed, please submit the following to [email protected]:

Official score report(s) (attach the PDF)

Proof of payment (forward the email with the subject "Your testing registration receipt" sent from es-ctcreg@pearson.com)

Complete the Course feedback survey

It usually takes around 2-3 weeks for the reimbursement to be processed and the check to be mailed to the address on your score report. Sometimes it takes longer if we are waiting for budget approval and/or release of funds. If you are concerned about your check, do not hesitate to contact us to ask about its status.

SDSU MSTI can help you in your journey to add a single subject (math or science) content area to your existing credential! You can register in CSET test prep courses to help fulfill the subject-matter competence requirement. You also have the ability to enroll in methodology courses as an Open University student, which means that you would take the three-semester-unit course alongside students who are in the Single Subject Science or Math Credential cohorts. Contact the College of Education Office of Student Services at [email protected] for more information and advising. For complete information on requirements for adding a single subject content area, visit https://www.ctc.ca.gov/credentials/req-added-auth.