MSTI Tutors

Tutors work with students and their amazing teachers in high schools and middle schools in the area. Tutors typically spend several hours two or three times a week in their assigned school working alongside master teachers, conducting small groups or working one on one with students. The tutoring is done at mutually convenient times, which tutors and the assigned teacher decide on together. Tutors are paid for their work, so all in all it is a great opportunity!

Mechanical Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Civil Engineering

General Biology


Public Health



Liberal Studies-Math

Liberal Studies-Science

MSTI tutors have worked at a variety of schools including:

Bonita Vista HS

Chula Vista HS

San Ysidro HS

Helix Charter HS

Health Sciences High and Middle College

Monarch School

Kearny HS

Parkway Middle

Jean Farb Middle

Health Sciences High

Lincoln High School