The Center serves as a community for scholars who are working in qualitative inquiry traditions that use visual texts as data and for analysis and educators who use visual texts to support language development in their classrooms.

The Center fellows include interdisciplinary faculty from across campus and professionals working in the community. 

Affiliated Faculty

SDSU faculty

  • Marva Cappello, Ph.D., Director
  • Dani Bedau, Director Arts Alive SDSU
  • Luke Duesberry, Ph.D., College of Education, SDSU
  • Cristian Aquino-Sterling, Ph.D., College of Education, SDSU
  • D.J. Hopkins, Ph.D., Director, School of Theatre, Television, and Film, SDSU
  • Arzu Ozkal, School of Art, Design, and Art History, SDSU
  • Jessica Pressman, Ph.D. English & Comparative Literature, SDSU

Faculty from other institutions

  • Frank Serafini, Ph.D. Arizona State University
  • Peggy Albers, Ph.D. Georgia State University
  • Jon Callow Ph.D. University of Sydney
  • Nancy Walker Ph.D. University of La Verne
  • Angela Wiseman, Ph.D. North Carolina State University
  • Jennifer Turner, Ph.D. University of Maryland
  • Rhianna Casesa, Ph.D. Sonoma State University
  • Raúl Alberto Mora, Ph.D. Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana

Graduate Fellows

  • *Reka Barton
  • *Darielle Blevins
  • Kelly Casassa
  • *Cassandra Drake
  • *Vanessa Falcon
  • Melissa Vang

*Graduate Assistants