Specialty Seminars

On this page: Learn about ¡PUEDE! Project specialty seminars designed to build a breadth of competencies in scholars.

Photo: classroom discussionScholars attend weekly seminars designed to build competencies in 4 broad areas of competence in a 4-semester sequence:

  1. Foundations of Bilingual Interdisciplinary Practice
  2. Collaboration and Consultation Skills
  3. Bilingual and Trans-disciplinary Assessment
  4. Intensive Interventions with High Needs Dual Language/ English Learner Youth  

In addition, during all 4 semesters, scholars build competence in:

  • Bilingual and bicultural communication skills in Spanish
  • Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary practice  

This 4-semester sequence provides ¡PUEDE! Scholars the opportunity to build depth in content knowledge as well as cross-disciplinary perspectives and discussions.

We place a high value on every scholar developing voice during this process. Faculty mentors and scholars lead discussions are augmented by participation with multiple expert guest speakers/ facilitators.