Center for Equity & Biliteracy Education ResearchCEBER examines structural, social, and linguistic conditions promoting or hindering democratic schooling and educational social justice for all students

CEBER is affiliated with the Department of Dual Language and English Learner Education and operates in concert with International Affairs at San Diego State University



RE:BORDER 2021 is the third annual conference that explores key regional issues and innovative solutions. The two-day conference will be hosted by San Diego State University and CETYS Universidad, in collaboration with our binational partners. This year’s theme is “A Nuestra Salud: Confronting Public Health and Mental Health Challenges and Solutions in Our Transborder Region.” 


RE:BORDER 2021 es la tercera conferencia anual que explora problemas claves regionales y soluciones innovadoras. El tema de este año es "A Nuestra Salud: Enfrentando desafíos y soluciones de la Salud Pública y la Salud Mental en Nuestra Región Transfronteriza."


Given that COVID-19 safety restrictions may affect an in-person conference format, we are preparing for a virtual, bilingual model at this time. We may add a complementary in-person format if we are able to do so.

ReBorder 2021
About RE:BORDER Conference

The conference aims to foster and facilitate transborder diplomacycross-disciplinary relationships, and binational collaboration/cooperation by increasing understanding about the assets as well as the pressing challenges facing our transborder region through the sharing of stories, knowledge, research, and experiences of scholars, professionals, politicians, artists, students and community members who comprise our transborder region. 

Acerca de la Conferencia RE:BORDER

La conferencia tiene como objetivo fomentar y facilitar la diplomacia transfronterizalas relaciones interdisciplinarias  y colaboración/cooperación binacional con la meta de aumentar entendimiento acerca los desafíos urgentes que enfrenta nuestra región transfronteriza a través del intercambio de historias, investigación y experiencias de académicos, profesionales, políticos, artistas, estudiantes y miembros de la comunidad que componen nuestra región transfronteriza.


Professional Development

  • Learning opportunities for teachers and administrators
  • Bilingual education program policies and practices
  • Action-research of classroom instruction and school contexts


Equity and Biliteracy Research

  • Educational equity and language policies
  • Multilingual education in K-12 schools
  • Instruction that promotes students' sociocultural competence


International Professional Development

  • Mexico
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • China


Technical Assistance for Organizations and Institutions

  • Democratic schooling
  • Language acquisition
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Reflective practice


Family and Community Leadership

  • Frameworks
  • Tools and instruments
  • Activities
  • Networks


Scholarship and Grants

  • Working papers on social equity and biliteracy
  • Journal articles and book chapters
  • Conference presentations
  • Grants