Graduate Coursework

Learn about graduate level coursework in the Department of Child and Family Development.

The Department of Child and Family Development plays a leadership role in integration of curricula for community colleges and the CSU.

CFD shares the mission of the College of Education to prepare SDSU students to help develop, implement and evaluate services for children and families.

CFD Graduate Degree (MS) and Coursework

Please visit the SDSU Graduate Bulletin for more specific information and course descriptions.

Child and Family Development Graduate Courses:

  • CFD 634: Seminar in Family Processes
  • CFD 660: Seminar in Current Issues & Trends in Child Development
  • CFD 670: Seminar in Child Development Theories-Intervention & Behavior
  • CFD 671: Seminar in Human Development: Positive Behavior Support for Young Children with Challenging Behavior
  • CFD 697: Advanced Field Experiences
  • CFD 790: Research Methods & Program Development
  • CFD 798: Special Study
  • CFD 799A: Thesis
  • CFD 799B: Thesis Extension
  • CFD 799C: Comprehensive Examination Extension (available for EC-TEaMH graduates only)