Child and Family Development

Our faculty is a key factor in the overall success and growth of the Department of Child and Family Development (CFD). Many of the faculty epitomize the concept of the teacher/scholar. That is, they are:

  • Actively engaged in applied scholarly research
  • Providing valuable service to the professional community
  • Incorporating a synthesis of these activities in the classroom

Students profit greatly by the department's professionally active faculty who are able to gear their instruction around relevant, up-to-date topics within a scholarly context and tradition.

Some faculty members have recently published books; others have book contracts and/or books in press. Several faculty have achieved national and international attention for their published work, lectures, and grant activity. Many faculty have distinguished themselves for significant contributions to the community and the state. They provide valuable consultative services and assume positions of community leadership.

Image Name Title Office Phone Email
Dan Bacon, M.A. Dan Bacon, M.A. Lecturer LH-405 [email protected]
Briana Bashaw-Wood Briana Bashaw-Wood, M.A. Lecturer/LPCC Advisor LH-418A [email protected]
Elinor (Nory Behana), M.S. Elinor (Nory) Behana, M.S. Lecturer LH-418A [email protected]
Lisa Beltran, M.S. Lisa Beltran, M.S. Lecturer LH-420 [email protected]
Karen Bobczynski Department Coordinator LH- 404 619-594-2149 [email protected]
Joanne Brady, M.Ed. Joanne Brady, M.Ed. Lecturer LH-400C [email protected]
Idara Essien, Ph.D. Idara Essien, Ph.D. Assistant Professor LH-426 [email protected]
Shawna Ghafouri Wherly Shawna Ghafouri Wherly, M.A. Lecturer LH-420 [email protected]
Monica Hughes Monica Hughes Administrative Support Coordinator LH-403 619-594-5380 [email protected]
Heather Jaffe Heather Jaffe, M.S. Lecturer LH-418 [email protected]
Nicole Kent, Ph.D. Nicole Kent, Ph.D. Lecturer LH-420 [email protected]
Lisa Linder, Ph.D. Lisa Linder, Ph.D. Assistant Professor LH-422A 619-329-5300 [email protected]
Sascha Longstreth, Ph.D. Sascha Longstreth, Ph.D. Interim Chair and Associate Professor LH-414 [email protected]
Portrait of Anne McLevie Spooner Anne McLevie Spooner, M.S. EC-TEaMH Reflective Supervisor LH-401A [email protected]
Chris Muecke, M.Ed. Chris Muecke, M.Ed. Lecturer LH-418 A [email protected]
Don Myers, Ph.D. Don Myers, Ph.D. Lecturer LH-421 [email protected]
Sarah Rieth, Ph.D. Sarah Rieth, Ph.D. Associate Professor LH-407 [email protected]
Paola Sabio, M.S. Paola Sabio, M.S. Lecturer LH-421 [email protected]
Alyson Shapiro, Ph.D. Alyson Shapiro, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Child Development (M.S.) Advisor LH-420A [email protected]
Lindsay Unruh Lindsay Unruh, M.S. Lecturer LH- 422 [email protected]
Portrait of Babara Wojtach Barbara Wojtach, MSW Lecturer LH-418 [email protected]
Alison Sternal Alison Sternal, M.A. Undergraduate Advisor, Liberal Studies and Child & Family Development LH-259 619-594-6320 Liberal Studies: [email protected]
Child Development: [email protected]

Building Abbreviations Used in this Directory

Building Abbreviation Building Name
LH Lamden Hall