Study Abroad Requirement

Learn about the study abroad requirement, why it's important, and explore specific requirements for College of Education and other SDSU programs.

Many academic programs at SDSU have a study abroad, global cultural experience, or international experience requirement.

SDSU education abroad programs provide students with the knowledge, understanding, and skills that are essential to a 21st century college education. Studying abroad is an exciting, challenging, and rewarding experience that transforms students and opens doors to new opportunities in life.

Why Study Abroad?

Discover new ways to adapt, grow, and gain perspective

You'll learn flexibility, adaptability, and new ways of doing things as you adjust to living in a new culture. And you'll learn to see the United States from a different perspective.

Develop communication skills and cross-cultural competence

Learn to communicate effectively and work with groups from diverse backgrounds. Develop cross-cultural competence that will set you apart on a resumé, in a job interview, and in a future career teaching a diverse classroom.

Explore opportunities to pursue personal goals

Explore personal goals such as learning a new language or becoming more fluent, exploring a culture related to your ancestry, learning about the art and music of your host country . . .

See the world! Have fun!

Travel is always exciting. In addition to learning, growing, and experiencing a new way of life, you're bound to find fun and adventure!

Specific Program Requirements

Below are program requirements for specific College of Education programs:

Child Development Major

Liberal Studies Major

SDSU and the Liberal Studies Program recognize that student participation in approved international experiences is a transformational educational experience. Toward that goal, the Liberal Studies major includes a travel requirement.

Since 2011, Liberal Studies majors must fulfill the International Experience Requirement. Possibilities range from a multi-day experience to a semester or even a year abroad. Students are encouraged to participate in experiences arranged specifically for Liberal Studies, or they may choose from myriad other opportunities.

The International Experience Requirement is fulfilled through completion of a course of 1 or more units which involves travel.

Bilingual Preliminary Teaching Credential

All candidates in the Dual Language and English Learner Education multiple and single subject bilingual teacher credential programs are required to participate in an organized global learning experience working with students across the border.

  • Please contact the advisor for specific program study abroad requirements.
  • Or go to the Dual Language and English Learner Education section of the University Catalog (see Global Learning Experience Requirement).