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Toddler Videos

Demonstration of the pyramid model.


Demonstration of Pyramid Model Practices: A Typical Day in a Toddler Classroom

Domains of Focus: Social, Emotional, Behavior
Length of video: 1:25:04
Description: Evidence-based teaching practices that support young children's social emotional development, as demonstrated by a high-fidelity Pyramid Model implementation site. A table of contents is provided at the beginning of each video so viewers can easily navigate to specific segments.

Toddler feedback


Providing Information with Pretend Play

Domains of Focus: Play, ELA (Vocabulary development)
Length of video: 2:33
Description: The teacher joins two students playing at the pretend play area. As she facilitates play and conversation between the students, she also narrates and asks questions to expand their play. In doing so, she builds their vocabulary and provides words appropriate for their play scheme.

 Teachers working with toddlers.


Language and Relationships

Domains of Focus: Language and relationship-building
Length of video: 2:24
Description: In this video, the caregiver provides back-and-forth communication and narration of the child’s play. Additionally, her ability to read the child’s cues allows her to develop a strong rapport with the child during the play session.

Teacher showing kids something.


Extending Imaginary Play

Domains of Focus: Imaginary Play, Language
Length of video: 1:45
Description: This video shows several clips of caregivers interacting with children during outdoor imaginary play. The children pretend to cook various foods and the caregivers participate in the imaginary play schemes with the children, facilitating interaction between the children.

Teacher and students playing with play doh.


Encouraging Language with Play Doh

Domains of Focus: Language
Length of video: 2:02
Description: The teacher makes various Play Doh sculptures for the children as they request them, and carries on a conversation with each child about their sculpture.

Teacher talking to kids.


Clear Expectations for Play

Domains of Focus: Behavior
Length of video: 2:26
Description: The children transition from indoor to outdoor play. The teacher begins by counting the students and giving them a choice about singing a song. As they begin playing at the sand table, the teacher then describes her behavioral expectations for the children.

Teacher by the sink.


Talking with an Infant During a Breakfast time Routine

Domains of Focus: Language Development
Length of video: 1:18
Description: The child has just finished eating breakfast, so the caregiver takes him to wash his hands and clean up. The caregiver engages in self-talk by describing her actions, exposing the child to the opportunity to draw connections between her words and her actions.

Preschool Videos

Integrating practices  


Integrating Practices

Domains of Focus: Gross Motor, Social Skills
Length of video: 8:05
Description: In this video, the teacher leads the students in a gross motor activity involving the parachute. She begins by priming the students of the behavioral expectations for the activity: When their popsicle sticks are drawn, students will make eye contact, give each other an air high five, and then run under the parachute to switch places. She offers the students an opportunity to shake the parachute while singing a song before selecting the first pair of students. The teacher also demonstrates how to develop and model respect towards one another's ideas and actions.

Sharing at the easel


Sharing at the Easel

Domains of Focus: ELD (labeling, concepts about print)
Length of video: 1:13
Description: After a student has completed her drawing at the easel, she labels each of the items in her drawing, code switching between English and Spanish. As she labels, the teacher transcribes her labels into written words in the corresponding language.

Pumpkin story 


My Pumpkin Story

Domains of Focus: ELD
Length of video: 2:11
Description: The student verbalizes a story about a pumpkin to her teacher, and the teacher writes down the student's words in English print on the page. When the teacher tells the student to take the book home and tell her mom the story, the student explains that her mom doesn't know English. The teacher then helps the student translate the text into Spanish.

Connect Modules 


Introducing the Book - Carrot Soup

Domains of Focus: Reading
Length of video: 2:48
Description: The class is sitting together for a group read aloud about the book Carrot Soup. This video contains the introduction of the book, which includes identifying the author/illustrator and making predictions about the text. The teacher solicits predictions about what the story will be about, building upon and piecing together their ideas before beginning to read the book to them.

Washing clothes


Washing Clothes

Domains of Focus: Play
Length of video: 1:53
Description: The teacher and student are in the play area, completing a play scheme involving a cardboard box as a pretend laundry machine. In it, the teacher uses a pictorial activity schedule to guide the student through the steps in the play scheme.

westwood preschool


A Westwood Preschool Classroom 2

Domains of Focus: Social Studies, Gross motor and speech imitation
Length of video: 9:54
Description: This video shows clips of various circle time activities in a preschool classroom. The video begins with a Spanish lesson, in which the students learn Spanish through rhythm and song. Another activity is a cultural lesson about Chinese New Year. In it, the guest speaker dresses up as a lion and displays a traditional Chinese lion dance in order to grab the students’ attention before she explains some of the traditions. Later in the video, the students engage in gross motor and speech imitation activities through song.

Problem solving


Finding a Resolution in the Block Area

Domains of Focus: Play, Problem Solving
Length of video: 1:12
Description: The teacher steps in to help the students to problem solve through a conflict in the block area. Using visual supports taped on the wall near the area, she provides the students with a menu of options and allows them to decide how they’d like to resolve their conflict

feelings charades

Feelings Charades

Domains of Focus: Social-emotional, Play
Length of video: 2:28
Description: Working with a small group of three young students, the teacher explains how you play charades and then models what the students will do when it is their turn. The students then rotate through to take their own turns, picking a card from the teacher’s stack and offering their peers an opportunity to guess the emotion displayed. Though the students do not always accurately show the emotion depicted on the card, the teacher encourages the students’ responses and vocally reinforces them for displaying an emotion for their peers

Pre-k regard for student perspectives


Student Expression and Autonomy during Breakfast

Domains of Focus: Social-Emotional
Length of video: 1:33
Description: The teacher encourages the child to express himself and supports his autonomy by allowing him to open the milk carton by himself and providing him specific, verbal praise when he does. Throughout the video, the teacher follows the child’s lead on conversation topic and pace.

TK-1 Videos

California department of education

Kindergarten Science Integrated ELD: Causal Explanation

Domains of Focus: Science, ELD
Length of video: 10:40
Description: This kindergarten teacher integrates ELD and Science in a whole group lesson about causal relationships and sea otters. The students break into small groups to discuss the causal relationships in the sea otter's habitat, and then come back together to compose a sentence using the provided sentence frame.

School improvement network logo


Kindergarten Mathematics

Domains of Focus: Math (Decomposing numbers)
Length of video: 53:11
Description: Using a combination of song, movement, real life contexts, and repeated practice with multiple materials, this teacher engages her students in whole group, small group, and individual activities about decomposing numbers.

Students sitting ready to learn


Decomposing Numbers with Addition

Domains of Focus: Math (Decomposing numbers) 
Length of video: 28:00
Description: In this math lesson taught in Spanish, the teacher facilitates a game and offers opportunities to practice problems in which they use manipulatives to represent the ways that numbers can be decomposed.

Kids learning about road work.


Learning about Road Construction through read Aloud

Domains of Focus: English Language Arts (Reading, Sequencing, and Writing)
Length of video: 19:47
Description: After reading the book “Roadwork” to the students aloud, the teacher breaks the students into pairs to discuss the steps and machines needed to build a road. Finally, the students write and illustrate one of the steps to build the road.

 teacher standing in front of her students.


Engaging Kindergarteners with Academic Vocabulary

Domains of Focus: English language arts (Writing)
Length of video: 19:57
Description: This is a whole group lesson in which the teacher reads the book “Charlie Button Loses Power” and engages the students in discussing and acting out the new vocabulary words from the story. Together, the class writes about a section of the book.

Numbers that make 10


Numbers that Make 10

Domains of Focus: Math
Length of video: 30:23
Description: The video begins with a whole group lesson on the carpet, during which the students are given a number, and asked to identify the number needed to make a sum of 10. They then break into small groups for additional practice on worksheets before coming back together as a whole group to review and summarize the lesson.

 Scissor safety


Using Scissors Safely (Interactive Modeling)

Domains of Focus: Pre-Academic, Fine Motor
Length of video: 3:38
Description: The strategy displayed in this video is Interactive Modeling, in which the desired skill is modeled by the teacher, students are asked what they notice about the modeling, and then a student is asked to demonstrate the skill before the rest of the class demonstrates the skill with feedback. In this particular video, the skill is using scissors safely.