Information for the SDSU Community

On this page: Find links to information about the College of Education (COE) for everyone in the SDSU community.






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SDSU’s commitment to the community has been at the core of the university’s mission.

Link to:

  • Dean's welcome
  • News and events
    Read our newsletter, explore upcoming events, recent publications and grants, online communities, and more. 
  • Awards & recognition
    Explore the many ways our work is being affirmed, recognized, and applauded!
  • Information for parents & friends
    For friends and family members of COE students.
  • Getting involved: how you can help
    Explore ways to support the College of Education's departments, programs, and students, and learn about the donors who help make our accomplishments possible. 
  • Strategic partnerships
    Read about how COE partners with organizations, institutions, and individuals to further educational opportunities and improve lives.
  • In the community, for the community
    Learn how COE programs prepare educators, counselors, therapists, psychologists, and leaders through intensive field-based experiences that emphasize authentic opportunities to learn from and contribute to the community.
  • Social justice efforts
    Read about COE programs designed to prepare professionals who will contribute to their communities in ways that promote a more just and equitable society.
  • College history
    Learn about the history of the College of Education — where SDSU began!

Image: Drawing of SDSU Hepner Hall with palm trees, a woman dressed in turn of the 20th century style, and words: 120 Years of Leadership. San Diego, your history is our history. From our beginning: SDSU was established in 1897 as the San Diego Normal School, a teacher training college.

With just $25, you can make a gift that will help the College of Education continue its commitment to the San Diego community.  Learn how.