About LEAL

Sobre LEAL

LEAL Goals


1: Improve SDSU and SDCOE capacity to prepare effective in- service preschool through 12th grade DLL/EL teachers


2: Increase the effectiveness of in-service preschool through 12th grade DLL/EL teachers’ instructional and leadership practices


3: Promote equity in ELs' access to educational resources and opportunities

LEAL Objectives

  1. Establish expert, strategic and evaluation teams
  2. Design and validate professional development certificate courses
  3. Recruit participants and implement professional development certificate courses
  4. Implement customized professional development coaching and networking activities
  5. Create evidence-based resources of school reading and family engagement for school and district sustainability
  6. Conduct continuous reviews of program quality and evaluate replication potential using quasi-experimental design that meets What Works Clearinghouse Standards with reservations