Dual Language Partner

What is a DL Partner?

A Dual Language (DL) partner is a teacher that understands the theory and research of bilingual education, the pedagogy and program models of dual language education, research-based practices for addressing the linguistic strengths and academic needs of multilingual learners, and the knowledge of the sociocultural, sociolinguistic, and sociopolitical context in becoming bilingual and biliterate in the U.S. Dual language (DL) immersion program models.

For example, program models 50:50 and 90:10, require that English Partner Teachers provide monolingual instruction in English at all grade levels (DL Guiding Principles, Instruction, Principle 1).

English Partner Teachers do not need to be bilingual in the partner language; however, they do require knowledge of DL immersion program models and must implement all DL guiding principles. The DL Partner is expected to closely collaborate with the DL teacher providing monolingual instruction in Spanish to contribute to the program’s goals of bilingualism, biliteracy, and biculturalism.  

Steps to Get Credentialed

  1. Admission to DLE Online Credential Program: Students find out in mid-May whether they have been admitted to the credential program.
  2. Summer: If the student was admitted to the credential program, they can take any missing prerequisite courses during the Summer as they will be considered a matriculated student.
  3. Fall - First Semester: Students will receive their course schedule.
    Late Fall:
    • Student will receive an email where they will have to self-identify whether they want to pursue the Bilingual or the DL Partner Credential Option. (DLE partner is a multiple subject credential with a DLE partner certificate).
    • Self-identification is critical as some of you will be taking Spanish support courses throughout the semester. Late fall you have to self-identify how ready you feel to move on to bilingual credential or MS (DLE partner is a multiple subject credential with a DLE partner certificate.)
    • Student will meet with DLE coordinator to review their file and sign acknowledgment.
  4. Spring - Second Semester: Student will receive their course schedule. If student is eligible (by passing CSET), student can student teach.
    • You cannot apply for your teaching credential unless you have a passing RICA score. Therefore, it is recommended that take the RICA by April or May.
  5. Apply for Credential
    • Credential Analyst will reach out to students who are completing their credential and they will initiate the completion process. Student’s file will be evaluated.

At this point, you will graduate with your MS credential and a certificate from DLE as a DL Partner Teacher.

Bilingual Added Authorization Option 

DL partners have the option to obtain an Added Bilingual Authorization (within 5 yrs.)


  1. DLE 416 & DLE 416L Biliteracy Foundations for Teaching and Learning in Diverse Communities (4) or CSET LOTE III and V
  2. DLE 532 Biliteracy Teaching in Language Arts Students
  3. CSU Application (including meeting all requirements for graduate study at a CSU).

*There is a 5 yr. validity period as per CTC guidelines.


  1. Admission
    • Student is admitted to Teaching Credential
  2. Fall- First Semester 
  3. Program Selection 
    •  Student identifies which program they are interested in pursuing (Bilingual or DL Partner)
  4. Student Meeting 
    • Student meets with DLE staff to review their file 
  5. Spring - Second Semester 
  6. Apply for Credential