Become a Teacher


Local school districts anticipate needing thousands of new teachers in the next few years. For individuals who are committed to making a positive difference for students, this is a fantastic time to pursue a teaching credential. No matter your major, you can start preparing today for a career in teaching.

Pathways to PK-12 Teaching

To become a teacher you need a California Preliminary Teaching Credential. A teaching credential is a state-issued license to teach in a public school.

At SDSU there are 2 pathways to get your teaching credential!

Pathway 1

ITEP 4-year Undergraduate Major Plus Early Childhood Special Education Credential

The Integrated Teacher Education Programs (ITEP) pathway typically takes 4 years and combines a Bachelor's in Child Development and Early Childhood Special Education Credential program so that you can complete your general education, major and credential coursework, and student teaching within the 4 years it takes to earn a bachelor's degree. The ITEP pathway is only available for the Early Childhood Special Education Credential.


Pathway 2:

5-year, Stand-alone Credential

The stand-alone credential pathway typically requires 5 years and involves earning a bachelor's degree (including general education and major coursework) and completing credential prerequisites; this generally takes 4 years. Then you must complete a credential program that includes credential coursework and student teaching; this can be completed in two to three semesters.

PATHWAY 2: Learn More

Infographic about 5-year pathway
Infographic of ITEP 4-year pathway
ITEP 4-Year Pathway Versus 5-Year Pathway