Future Educator Support (FES)

  • BCOE has partnered with the Dual Language and English Learner Department at SDSU, and SDCOE to provide online courses and support to those aspiring to become teachers.
  • Future Educator Support (FES), a program at BCOE has developed a streamlined support program.
  • FES works with any student who needs support through partnerships with two community colleges. Feather River College and Mendocino College. 
  • The partnership with the community colleges offers courses where student can register to obtain exam support. BCOE runs the courses.

How to obtain support

  1. SDSU provides a list and emails of those students who need support to FES.
  2. FES emails students with a survey to identify the exams they need to take.
  3. Students fills out community college application.
  4. Student adds community college code to FAFSA. This helps keep cost down.
  5. Students obtain access to online class which has synchronized and asynchronized sessions. 
  6. An instructor works with students throughout the 6 week course.

How does FES support?

  1. Student takes pretest.
  2. Student completes a graphic organizer reflecting on areas of need.
  3. Student begins an online course which has quizzes and chapter exams to assess understanding.
  4. Instructor identifies areas of need to provide additional support and monitors student's progress. 
  5. Monthly reports are generated with student progress to share with SDSU.
  6. After completing course, a practice exam is administered to ensure student is ready to take the exam.

Testing Cycles

  • Each testing cycle is 6 weeks long.
  • Instructor monitors students and provides weekly progress via email to students. This helps students stay on track.
  • Quizzes and practice exams assess learning.
  • Students are required to sign up for exam during a specific time period.
  • Individualized support is provided.
  • CBEST writing has writing workshops by specialized instructors.
  • A relationship is built with students.


  • If student qualifies for the Promise Grant (formerly BOG Waiver) - $0
  • If student does not qualify for Promise Grant - Approximately $245 (Community College rate is $49 per unit x 5 units)
  • This can be paid through SDSU support.
  • BCOE may be able to support with costs.
  • If student completes the course successfully, they receive an exam voucher which waives exam fee for CBEST or one of the CSETs.
  • One voucher per support course - Approximately $100

Mendocino College Application

  • Step 1: Register (No fee): through CCC Apply
    • Apply for Summer term
    • Click on Apply Now on the top right
    • After applying, write down your Confirmation number (You will need this number for step 3)
  • Step 2: Financial Aid
    • Add the college to your Financial Aid so the tuition fee is waived
    • If you do not qualify for FAFSA, you will need to tak care of the tuition fee
    • Mendocino College School Code: 011672
  • Step 3: Complete the following survey to be enrolled (we will manually enroll you to the course(s) selected):

Please complete the following survey.
Good to go!

Complete all 3 steps of the application.

If you encounter any issues, contact Karla Lopez for support at [email protected]