DLE: Critical Literacy and Social Justice Specialization (M.A.)

How to Apply

The GRE is no longer required to apply to this program.

Important Dates for Fall 2024

Item Due Date
1. Cal State Apply application
(opens October 1 each year)

April 1, 2024

2. Interfolio program application April 1, 2024
3. Official transcripts due April 15, 2024

Steps 1-4: Admission to SDSU

Steps 1-4 must be completed through the SDSU Graduate Admissions Office. Search out "Dual Language and English Learner" within your Cal State Application. All students enter in option 1, the online M.A. with Critical Literacy and Social Justice specialization. Those interested in hybrid option 2 can transfer once they enter the program.

SDSU Graduate Admissions: Steps to Apply 


Your program application has been created in a system called Interfolio. For help, refer to this Interfolio Tutorial (PDF).

Please gather the required items below and have them ready to upload to the Interfolio program application:

Resume/CV or Work History Form

Complete the Work History form (PDF) or submit a resume or CV documenting your experience with multilingual and/or multicultural learners.

Statement of Purpose or Academic Writing Sample

You have two options. (1) Upload an academic writing sample or (2) Write a 500-800 word (double-spaced using a 12 point font or larger) statement of purpose that addresses the following:

  1. Your background or experiences working in diverse school and community settings
  2. How the M.A. program can contribute to your further learning and development 
  3. Your goals as a graduate student and educational professional

We use the statement of purpose to get to know more about you and also as a writing sample. Take some time to organize your thoughts before writing and review it carefully afterwards.

1 or 2 Letters of Recommendation

Contact 1-2 individuals who you have interacted with both academically and/ or professionally and who would be able to write a letter of recommendation for you. Recommenders will submit their recommendations directly into the Interfolio program application.

Please collect names and email addresses so you are ready to request these letters in the Interfolio program application.

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