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Single Subject Bilingual Credential

Preliminary Teaching Credential

We prepare the next generation of in-demand teachers for bilingual Spanish middle or secondary school classrooms. The credential authorizes the holder to teach in the candidates’ subject major (e.g., Science, Math, Social Science, English, Spanish, etc). In addition, it authorizes the teacher to provide instruction in the primary language.

*depending on the size of the language cohort and the availability of instructors.

Program Overview

The bilingual credential program integrates a cohort model and provides a curriculum that addresses the needs of ethnically and linguistically diverse learners. Approximately 50% of the total program is devoted to student teaching. You can complete your professional coursework and student teaching in two semesters.


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Model Bilingual Program

CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) identified DLE as the Model Bilingual Program for updating CA Bilingual Teacher Education Standards.

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1st Program of Its Kind

We are the first statewide online/hybrid bilingual credential program.

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Largest Program in CA

We have the largest graduating class of Bilingual teacher educators in the state of CA.

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1st Cohort of DL Partners

We graduated the first cohort in CA of Dual Language Partners. Non-bilingual educators who understand bilingual education.

What Makes Our Program Unique

Central to all the Single Subject coursework, seminar, and student teaching is the DLE pedagogy based on the work of Paolo Freire and other educational leaders. The three main areas of emphasis include:

This involves learning to conduct surveys of students, schools, and community scans to provide funds of knowledge for classroom instruction.
As a single subject bilingual teacher candidate, you will have clinical practice (student teaching) opportunities in a middle school and a high school setting that has a linguistically and culturally diverse school population.
In one semester, you will be instructing in English and in the other semester, the classroom instruction will be in the second language of instruction. Note: one exception is with English Single subject who will teach English Language Development (ELD) or Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English (SDAIE) one of the two semesters.

“There is nothing less equal than the equal treatments of unequals.” (Lau vs Nichols 1974)

Test Support

Prepare and take your exams for free!

In partnership with the Butte County & San Diego County Offices of Education, we offer test preparation courses and support to those aspiring to become teachers. This includes the following supports:

  • Test prep (CBEST/CSET/RICA)
  • TPA support
  • Grant opportunity for those in classified positions at school sites (requires a separate application)
  • If student completes the course successfully, they receive an exam voucher which waives exam fee for CBEST or one of the CSETs.

Learn more about Exam Support.

DLE Transborder Education Experience

The Transborder Education Experience (ED 450, 2 units) is a unique class created specifically for teacher candidates in the Dual Language and English Learner department and designed to explore education and border issues through a social justice lens.

Begin Your Credential with an Immersive Experience

The 4-day class takes place in and around Tijuana and Tecate, Mexico.  It is designed to begin the credential program with an intensive, immersive experience focusing on education and immigration issues faced along the border. Teacher candidates reflect on their personal experiences and how those directly impact both teaching and learning in the K-12 classroom. The intent is to open avenues for critical thinking around the needs and experiences of teacher candidates and their future students. Additionally, the Transborder Education Experience serves as a gateway to creating global citizens through cross-border connections.

Teacher candidates meet with Mexican educators and administrators, prepare and implement literacy-based, CalTPA-aligned lessons, as well as discuss immigration and deportation and how those affect their classrooms. Beginning the credential program with the Transborder Education Experience allows teacher candidates to build relationships with peers, course instructors, and cohort coordinators in order to cultivate a strong network of support that lasts throughout the credential program and beyond.

Do I need to be bilingual?

No. You can complete this program as a Dual Language (DL) partner. DL partners are teachers that understand the pedagogy and program models of bilingual and dual language education. Dual language (DL) immersion program models require that English Partner Teachers provide monolingual instruction in English at all grade levels. English Partner Teachers do not need to be bilingual in the partner language.

Learn more about DL partners.

Are you a high school student?

Get your bachelor's degree and teaching credential in 4 years instead of 5!

The program outlined on this page is for those who will earn a bachelor's degree before starting the program. If you are a high school student and want to teach in bilingual elementary school classrooms consider the Integrated Teacher Education Programs (ITEP) and graduate with your bachelor's degree and teaching credential in four years.

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