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SDSU President Malcolm A. Love, who served between 1952 and 1971, once declared, “No institution of higher learning can exist and not do research. Our primary aim is teaching, but research is concomitant.” Our faculty engage in cutting-edge research that focuses on important practical issues. Our research findings enrich our teaching and allow us to provide more valuable service to our community.

In 2016-17, COE faculty members were awarded $22.5 million in contracts and grants. Over 15 funded centers and institutes are advancing research in the education fields and providing services to the San Diego community and beyond.

Research, Grants and Publications

Learn how the College of Education is employing research to further knowledge and improve lives.

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    Articles from our news site about faculty research
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    Recent grants, contracts and other externally funded projects

Projects, Initiatives, and Centers

Learn about COE-based programs, projects, institutes, centers, and initiatives, some of which are collaborations between 2 or more academic departments, and some of which are partnerships with non-COE entities.

Affiliated Programs and Organizations

Learn about affiliated programs and organizations with which SDSU's College of Education collaborates in ongoing partnerships to advance our common goals.


Photo: black and white photo of adults and children behind a screen with jus ttheir shadows visible

Photo: "Shadows and Body Motion - Using Technology to Teach Ratio and Proportions," a project of the Center for Research in Math and Science Education (CRMSE) Innovation Lab. CRMSE faculty active collaborate across 6 departments in both the College of Sciences and the College of Education. [Learn more about CRMSE.]