Faculty Mentoring Program

various faculty

The SDSU College of Education's Faculty Mentoring Program currently serves all pre-tenure faculty and newly hired tenured faculty. Each faculty mentee is paired with a tenured faculty mentor. The program provides workshops, resources, and support for both mentors and mentees. The program aims to:

  1. Facilitate the continued development of scholarly and professional knowledge and competencies required to build and sustain an impactful life as a professional scholar-teacher.
  2. Promote and enhance sustained scholarly productivity.
  3. Foster culturally and professionally relevant, trusting, respectful and rewarding mentor-mentee relationships that serve to enhance the professional and academic lives of all involved.
  4. Contribute to the co-creation of an engaged culture of intellectual exchange within the COE and beyond.


The following links are audio recorded clips from a meeting with Senior Director of Research Advancement, Dr. John Crockett on November 18, 2019. 


Gerald Monk, Ph.D.
Faculty Mentoring Program Coordinator
Professor, Counseling and School Psychology
[email protected]